classy baby tie

i went to a baby shower for my boss and his wife today. being the crafty mama that i am (a procrastinating one at that!), i decided last night what to give.
i ran to the store and loaded up on a few essentials for any new baby ; bottle, rattle, washcloths, bib (i need to develop a pattern for one of these already… :-/ ), and two 3 packs of baby jumpsuits/ ones-ies. whatever they are calling them these days….

i knew mom and dad to be were having a i wanted a little something that would be a joke on a fancy outfit….i can’t take full credit for the idea….i saw something like it on one of my never ending internet surfing endevours……{you feel me or what? 😉 }

so i took the plain white jumpsuits and added a little tie applique to each. i used my fancy new polyester thread that my friend justine of potomac river goods recommended….. 🙂 they turned out SO cute and were a real crowd pleaser…….i may have to create more in the future.

that’s all for now y’all. i am maxing and relaxing preparing for a very busy day of sewing tomorrow.
warm hugs


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