Ride me High

 This week has started on such a high note! I listed a few items last night and I sold an item within hours of listing it. Take that ebay!!! You and your always increasing selling fees! You can’t keep this artist down, high ya! I really love the wrap pants I have been cranking out. They are so comfy and effortlessly sexy, especially when your leg plays pee-ka-boo. They appear to be my current best seller.

I have been battling a nasty winter cold and have been rather unmotivated to get in my craft room the past few days. Alas, I could not stop my hands from creating something. I kept a knit, knit, knit, knitting, and finally patiently I finished my aforementioned new head adornment. I am pretty stoked about it over all. I only dropped one stitch one time and I went back to pick it up later because I knew I could hide it on the inside. It’s simply a narrow tube with size 8 needles with no dye acrylic cheap-o yarn. Ha, actually it’s a rectangle I garter stitched together…let’s “knot” forget my rookie skillz. It is really comfy and supportive while holding my massive amount of hair. 😉

My etsy team’s ( Gypsy Road) February Challenge was to “Pimp it up”. I stepped up some higher quality photography. I took better pictures of a few items that had already been in my shop….including this lil number I almost didn’t relist after modeling her again ……

Nevertheless, is awesome dress and obi belt sold within a few days of relisting with the better pictures. (I’ll be shipping asap darlin’!). Thanks Julie for inspiring me to improve and become more professional. You are the best etsy team cap’in ever. :* I love a good challenge, don’t you all?

On another high note, my serger Bee-bop is all fixed up and will be coming home with Miguel tonight! I’m going to tidy up my studio up for her arrival. I have a few ideas for some skirts that I will bounce out in the next few days.

Hugs everyone!

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