Feathered New Neighbors

Spring is a glorious time in my yard. There are always different birds to watch.  Our majestic oak tree has taken on some amazing tenants.  There is a dead branch that is being occupied by a couple of red bellied wood peckers.  I’ve yet to get a great action shot because of the height, but here is an image I found online.  
Miguel and I have been watching the show while sipping green tea on the back patio.  It seems as though the female (the smaller of the two) is preparing and hollowing out their branch/apartment.  There is a perfect hole that looks like it was formed by the branch that used to be there.  Every so often she will take a break from “hammering” and dump out the wood shavings. It is such a treat to see.
In terms of crafty-ness fear not y’all i have been a busy Banana. 
  ………..Custom orders really get me motivated and make me feel so appreciated……
I finished up a pair of custom men’s dance pance in a really fun textured fabric with deady bolt pocket applique work. 


I stitched up a women’s custom skirt. My darling violetdream envisioned this style and I brought it to life. It was inspired by one of my personal skirts I used for modeling some of my phunky leg warmers……I love my serger’s gathering stitch and all, but a handgathered and top stitched ruffle totally rocks! Wouldn’t you agree?

I finished up a Diagonal Delight patchy set for my friend Ashton. It turned out so nicely. Alas, I didn’t have time for a proper modeling session before I delivered it to her. Somehow, I managed to snap some pictures on my dressform in my backyard.

lil velcro stash pocket for keys and moo-lah…..

 I’ve got some pants in the works; gauchos and wrap pants. I’m also tryin to develop a light weight shrug type thing for wearing with all of those lace tops and dressed we have. I don’t know about you all, but my back gets cold sometimes. 


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