I’m Engaged!

Miguel proposed this past Saturday! 
The ring is white gold with aqua marine and diamond. 
He bought it from an artist on etsy, huzzah for handmade!.
I am officially engaged to be married. It hasn’t really sunk in or changed anything at this point….we bought a house together last year. Even so, it’s pretty exciting! We have absoltely no plans or a date yet…..that’s going to be a huge planning task….we are just enjoying being engaged.
In other crafty news I went to a baby shower this weekend for a friend and of course I had to make something…..it’s so much more sincere that some piece of crap from Taiwan…
Here’s the gift all wrapped up from my stash of wrapping supplies that I reuse…..
I made three reversbile bibs with organic cotton quilt batting between the layers and there are rounded velco closures.
all tagged up

**If anyone is interested in a tute or pattern, drop a line and I try to put something together**
They were a big hit, people were baffaled at the fact that I made them (well all except my friend the mama to-be)…..its weird how some people still haven’t (re-)embraced the handmade way……
I freakin thrive on the handmade movement and love sharing the resource etsy with everyone I meet. 

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