I’m still here

I have been enjoying my summer to the maximum degree. You may think I am crazy, but I love summers in Alabama. They are hot and humid like you would not believe. I soak in the heat like a lizard, I was not meant to live in cold weather. I also love any reason to wear an insanely short skirt everyday. šŸ˜€

On a crafty note, I went through quite an ordeal of buying a new serger. I ran my Singer ProFinish into the ground and very quickly might I add. I fought tooth and nail replacing the ol’ girl. My crafty support crew, also known as Gypsy Road, helped me realize that I deserved a more rugged machine.

As I said good bye to Bee-Bop (my old serger) a great weight was lifted from my creative spirit. You definetly get what you pay for when it comes to sergers. I dropped a pretty penny on a JUKI Pearl and let me tell you all; I am in love with a serger. Her name is Penny and she purs like a kitten. The sweetest part about the youngn’ in my sewing studio is that there is a little mechanism that threads the lower looper. It’s like magic.

I have been super inspired and motived. I even moved around every piece of furniture in my studio. It’s amazing what a little rearranging does for your mind.

My newest design was inspired my friend who has recently become a mommy. She wanted a custom dress to flatter her figure. I also thought about how a mama’s dress needs to be accessible to her mommy parts…..hence the Mama dress was created. A cross over bodice that features elastic beneath bust for comfort. There will many more of this style to come. I have already had several custom inquiries. yay!

hops thriving

I am officially a part of the facebook community…..(myspace –shmyspace pfft over it! )……you can join my fan page here to hear about my adventures and see fun pictures.

Also, if you have purchased something from my lil ol etsy shop I would LOVE if you would submit a pic of you rockin’ my wears…..

~~big hugs and smiles~~



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