Saved from the Trash #1

We are all about repurposing and reusing things to the maximum degree. If we acquire these things for free, it makes the crafting all the sweeter. Dumpster diving, anyone? Come ‘on, you know have or at least considered it! This is the first in a new series of blog posts coming at you from us. We do a lot of crafting like this, so look out!

I scored this partition from work that was bound for the garbage. After a year of waiting for just the right inspiration, there was vast improvement. The collaboration between Miguel and I, made it better than I could have ever imagined.

Miguel removed all the slats with a hammer. We have those pieces stored away for a future project.

Then, he hung some of my vintage quited fabric tapestries in the windows. Each of these are suspended from a natural stick.

We placed the revamped awesomeness by our back door. It provides the perfect division in our living room. I think I may make more tapestries to rotate through the display.



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