Time is on my side

most of you know about my work through my online presence. slowly but surely, my skills and confidence have grown over the years. i feel closer than ever to my dream of supporting myself through crafting.

when phish announced they were going to be at one of my favourite venues, deer creek,  I knew what i had to do. growing up in the midwest, deer creek was only a hop, skip, and a jump away. many a good memory has been made in those fields!

i signed up to vend in the camp grounds.

that’s right, a real live outdoor official vending gig. i had the canopy, the inventory, the will to succeed, and most importantly my best friend by my side {and soon to be husband}.

we had so much fun meeting new people who liked what i was doing. this was incredibly fulfilling because i am generally working from a far in my sewing room and on my computer.

i felt extremely prepared due to my power house of fellow artist support over at Gypsy Road. major thanks and love goes out to my co-caption and founder of gypsy road, julie. we’ll talk more about that later.

i didn’t snap too many pictures because i was so busy getting to know all of you! luckily, these happy customers were glad to pose for the camera.

how did this business venture measure up?

pretty well over all.

i’ll be telling you more about how collaboration and inspiration made it happen.

next time.


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