baby bananas

in maui, you better believe we ate more than our share of local fruit. the flavors were so vivid and concentrated. independent fruit stands are all around the rural parts of the islands.

while making our way around the island, the ever famous road to hana, led us through a lush rainforest like environment. the green factor was out of control. the forest was brimming with bright pink guavas, coconuts, and bananas.

as you can imagine, i was excited to get up close and personal with banana trees.

sick, right?!

did you know, there are MANY types of bananas out there. in hawaii, we ate some incredible apple-bananas. they were creamy and light, with a crisp gala apple like finish. the only exotic bananas we can get around here are, baby bananas. they are petite and have a lovely honey flavor.

this got me thinking about the baby bananas in your life.


i have a small collection of girls skirts that will be available in my etsy shop next week. i am open to custom orders for these as well.

~crispy fall huggles!~


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