return of the sneak peak

change is coming for me.

i couldn’t welcome it any sooner.

it will be good for my heart and head.

here is a sampling of my latest shop update.

this arctic mama skirt, in flannel, is soft and warm.

did you know there is a matching little girl’s skirt available?? check it out here

this dress is changes.

it features vintage and eco fabrics. this is the change i am bringing to my process.  do you see that pretty satin layer? that is a hemp and silk blend my crafty friend heather dyed.

by the way, there is matching little girls skirt for this one, too.

this wrap skirt is deja vu.

the vintage corduroy patchwork print makes me feel all different types of shiny.

if you feel the same way, there is a great winter dress available in this very same fabric.

this sugar-plum fairy dress is so sweet.

it features fabrics from a friend far away.

the sheer rose skirting is fluffy with an especially lovely vintage lace hem and paisley corduroy bodice.



seeking change and light,



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