plaid parade posting

winter brings quiet contemplation.

shorter days can hinder photography if you let it.

waiting for just the right natural light is a part of the creative process.

enjoy a plethora of plaid fabrics letting their colors shine.

stomp through the snow drifts in this skirt.

vintage red plaid with repurposed and vintage ruffle.

gather the fire wood in this vest.

vintage wool tiny plaid in browns with lots of pin tucks in back

dance the night away in this new design.

super full bell bottom pants with pockets and banded star applique.

snuggle up in this hooded vest.

vintage wool in earthy plaid and fern print with oak leaf appliqued hip pockets

ice skate under the flurries in this flirty skirt.

vintage electric blue bias cut plaid with fluffy vintage and batik ruffles.


there is still more to see here


I have one more plaid piece fit for this fashion icon…’ll see it soon!

in the mean,  stop on by my etsy shop for more original clothing.

i also have some great stocking stuffers available on my facebook fanpage


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