exercises in bending time

being a life long crafter, i try to fill any snippet of time with creating something.

i find it to be very meditative to focus my energy on something anew. though, long interrupted spells of quiet time can be hard to come by every day.

i have been trying a new method of creation — in bursts!

i enter my creative space when i know i only have an hour or less of time to get busy. it has helped me to be effective with my actions, especially in the preparation of future projects. then, when i have time, there is fabric ready to be brought to its next life.

does that make sense?

anyways, here are some skirts i designed and created with my burst method. i used repurposed t-shirts, some of which were hand dyed. the fluffy ruffles make me so happy.

these colors are straight out of the forest.

hello saved by the bell color throw back!

love the pirate blue stripes. yaaaar  me matey!

you can find these skirts and so much more here.


next up, organic cotton and hemp fabrics.


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