AntiFashion Show

I stepped away from this blog to refocus.

I have made a solid commitment to grow outside of my shy quiet studio and into my amazing community of creative people. It’s not easy being brave and putting yourself out there, but it definitely gets easier.

If you follow me on facebook, you’ve heard about the Lowe Mill here in Huntsville. It is a textile factory that has been transformed into an artist co-op. It has changed this community and how it interacts with art.

There is a vintage clothing shop, Karma Rags, within the Mill run by Cheryl. She has an amazing eye and gravitational pull on the sweetest vintage & ‘like new’ duds. Cheryl is one of my biggest cheerleaders and I can’t thank her enough for all of her encouragement and kind words.

This year was the third annual AntiFashion show. It was sponsored & organized by Karma Rags as a fundraiser for the Mill.

AntiFashion means making your own way with adornment.

We saw mouthwatering, eye popping sequined evening wear, throw back zuit suits and everything fabulous in between. Besides vintage wares, there were also LOTS of local makers & designers showcasing some of their designs and skills. Materials of all these designs included a dress made from the pages of a book, dumpster found fabric, hand dyed hemp & organic cotton, bubble wrap, and of course duct tape!


Here is a sampling of what I showed.

We started the night off with a hoop dance performance by our local Hooping Gueru & my fellow maker.

Crisha & Amber wore my flowy fluttery pixie skirts.

Alyson wore my newest design made from T shirts. In the background, you can see Amber wearing a skirt that is made from shirt sleeves.

Katie & Rachel embodied psychedelic swirling dervishes in these pretty dresses.
All but the bodice fabrics in this dress were gifted to me by patrons of the Lowe Mill.
Amber & Katie boogied down in my hand dyed hemp/organic cotton jersey skirts. They are also wearing my newest hip bag design. Trust me, you’ll want one once I tell you more about them later.
Alyson & I wore these vintage fabric frocks. Can you tell I studied dance for 10 years? haha Look at that turn out.
We were blessed, and had a live band play throughout the fashion show. So dope.
Despite a little nervousness, I was pretty proud of myself.

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