grateful focus

lately, a whirl wind of sewing and planning has been accompanied by a tumultuous tornado spree across the state of alabama.

here’s how our yard ended up.

we are extremely thankful to have only had this happen.

my first real festival vending spot is less than a month away.

when i received my acceptance letter, my heart jumped into my throat for a couple of days. this is it, a real test of my passion and discipline for what i want to DO for a living.  i’ve had plenty of practice vending parking lots & a few camp grounds, but never a LEGIT jury voted booth. you can imagine my anxious joy

needless to say, i’ve been working myself ragged. taking breaks is not something i remember to do.

que the no sewing craft time.

wanting to incorporate part of the fallen trees into my work, i taught myself how to weave with a branch loom. i have finally found validation for sorting & saving the tiniest fabric scraps.

this weaving test drive yielded a sweet trivet. next up, a rug.


all of my inventory is coming with us, until then i have a few things left in my etsy shop for you.


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