no public nudity

sometimes, the biggest selling point for clothing is being able to try it on.

though, i may be a fuzzy, long haired, two dog, lettuce eating hippie, i don’t like to get naked in front of strangers.  call me crazy, but i’ve never had that desire under any influence.

with the help of sewing expert, friend, and mentor, sandie of, i built this awesomely spacious fitting room.

don’t expect this to be a fancy tutorial, because i don’t get down like that.

details : two hoops of irrigation tubing, lots of fabric with a casing sewn at the top & bottom, rope*, & a hook. * i used salvaged fitted bed sheet elastic for the spokes to make it resilient to all the movement.

all you do is lift the bottom hoop & step inside.

please share this idea with your friends!


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3 Responses to no public nudity

  1. Jennifer Nordstrom says:

    Brilliant, Brenna!

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