Festival Fun

last week, we ventured eastward for SmileFest. we had never been to virginia. after seeing the country side with my own eyes, i can see why early american settlers called it home.

the festival & campground was nestled in the valley of pilot mountain. cool mountain top air breezed through blazing sunshine all weekend long.

the music was top notch and super diverse. i hooped myself dizzy.

meeting and jiving with the fellow creative peoples made my heart sing, too.

i met the amazing team of East Coast Rocks.

these virginia fellas have their stuff together in a big way. they have amazing varieties of gems and wire wrapped jewelry. i especially liked watching them interact with their booth visitors. they were really awesome at connecting and sharing. J & K even had little free-bee rocks for the half pints. it melted me heart! they graciously gifted us this beautiful speciman of apophyllite & stilbite

i also met april, a potter out of Chattanooga:: Muddy Hands, Happy Hearts

april’s work is so unique and full of light. her glaze work emulates life, movement, and emotion all at the same time. i fixed up a little something for her at the fest and she traded me one of her signature “butt ugly” mugs. i really really love the booty tattoo.

vending my first legit festival felt really good.
i learned so much about where i want my creative energies to go.
there are big things coming for me. i can feel it.

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