Hi. I’m Brenna, but you can call me Banana if you like.

I began sharing my creativity in 2005.

I put my heart and soul into everything I create. I am a self taught earth loving mama.  My style is down to earth,but feminine. I design and make unique clothing that expresses the free spirit within you.

All of my textile creations are built to last with my commercial grade Singer sewing machine. I professionally finish every seam with a Juki 4 thread serger for longevity. I started sewing at the wee age of 15 and have never stopped stitchin’.

The fabrics used are often of vintage and repurposed quality. This means fabrics are taken from an item and repurposed into clothing. I use anything from bed sheets, to curtains, to table linen, and even to old clothes.

Rest assured, that all fabrics are hand inspected for viability and quality. Fabrics are machine washed and dried in eco friendly laundry.

I love healthy, tasty food and <almost>daily yoga practice. I currently live in Alabama with my husband Miguel and our two dogs. Pablo and Lucia keep us active and laughing. Animals are blessings in all forms. We spend as much time as we can enjoying the great outdoors.Rocking out to live music is our favorite kind of party.

Happiness and kindness is a choice. Much love everyone!





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