eco pigment delight

hip hop, measure plop

rubbergloves, rainbow hugs

chemically, magically

natural journey into techincolor dreams


i’m loving my new hemp and organic fabrics. they are strong, soft, and guilt free.

working with my fancy fiber reactive dyes has opened up a whole new outlet of creativity for me. i am getting more accurate results and efficient use of my materials.

 my 9.2 ounce jersey is such a joy. it is thicker than a T shirt, but thinner than a sweatshirt. there is also a little bit of spandex to help with stretch memory.

check this stylie A line tunic. the drapey cut flatters small to large sizes. slap on a cinch belt and you are stylin’

this modern fold over waist skirt flatters your cuves and has the perfect amount of spin.

 this hotness is screen printed AND hand dyed.

and the beat goes on…….

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new hardware extends the possibilities.

check out what my man built.

from scratch.

its a screen printing press.

i am happy we have found a way to combine our creative efforts.

Polish eagle!

here’s a peak of our first fiber run.

we used my new hemp and lyocell fabric with a custom color non toxic ink.

my imagination is spinning wildly. hold on tight!




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exercises in bending time

being a life long crafter, i try to fill any snippet of time with creating something.

i find it to be very meditative to focus my energy on something anew. though, long interrupted spells of quiet time can be hard to come by every day.

i have been trying a new method of creation — in bursts!

i enter my creative space when i know i only have an hour or less of time to get busy. it has helped me to be effective with my actions, especially in the preparation of future projects. then, when i have time, there is fabric ready to be brought to its next life.

does that make sense?

anyways, here are some skirts i designed and created with my burst method. i used repurposed t-shirts, some of which were hand dyed. the fluffy ruffles make me so happy.

these colors are straight out of the forest.

hello saved by the bell color throw back!

love the pirate blue stripes. yaaaar  me matey!

you can find these skirts and so much more here.


next up, organic cotton and hemp fabrics.

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plaid parade posting

winter brings quiet contemplation.

shorter days can hinder photography if you let it.

waiting for just the right natural light is a part of the creative process.

enjoy a plethora of plaid fabrics letting their colors shine.

stomp through the snow drifts in this skirt.

vintage red plaid with repurposed and vintage ruffle.

gather the fire wood in this vest.

vintage wool tiny plaid in browns with lots of pin tucks in back

dance the night away in this new design.

super full bell bottom pants with pockets and banded star applique.

snuggle up in this hooded vest.

vintage wool in earthy plaid and fern print with oak leaf appliqued hip pockets

ice skate under the flurries in this flirty skirt.

vintage electric blue bias cut plaid with fluffy vintage and batik ruffles.


there is still more to see here


I have one more plaid piece fit for this fashion icon…’ll see it soon!

in the mean,  stop on by my etsy shop for more original clothing.

i also have some great stocking stuffers available on my facebook fanpage

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return of the sneak peak

change is coming for me.

i couldn’t welcome it any sooner.

it will be good for my heart and head.

here is a sampling of my latest shop update.

this arctic mama skirt, in flannel, is soft and warm.

did you know there is a matching little girl’s skirt available?? check it out here

this dress is changes.

it features vintage and eco fabrics. this is the change i am bringing to my process.  do you see that pretty satin layer? that is a hemp and silk blend my crafty friend heather dyed.

by the way, there is matching little girls skirt for this one, too.

this wrap skirt is deja vu.

the vintage corduroy patchwork print makes me feel all different types of shiny.

if you feel the same way, there is a great winter dress available in this very same fabric.

this sugar-plum fairy dress is so sweet.

it features fabrics from a friend far away.

the sheer rose skirting is fluffy with an especially lovely vintage lace hem and paisley corduroy bodice.



seeking change and light,


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Saved from the Trash – decorator style

there is unspeakable waste in many business practices.

i make it my business to keep things out of landfills as much as i can.

i was gifted three huge books of decorator fabric samples and pretty much freaked out.

pinking shears give a special zig zag cut to prevent fabric fray.

hours of straight stitching, top stitching, and a huge sheet of patchwork later,  i made these cooking aprons.

sweet, right?

they are backed in repurposed vintage bed linen and feature a lined and quilted hip pocket.

these would make a great holiday gift for your favorite cook and are only $48 each if you are interested.

my month long virtual hiatus has not been in vain. i have been one busy banana.

here is a sneak peak of some of the fabrics featured in my next collection.


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friends, photography, and a shop update

i had such a fun weekend. my sweet friends helped to model my new pieces for etsy.

this was a first for my little business. i know i’ll do it agin. it was so inspiring.

i’ve included a few of my favorite pictures.

let’s just say, they came prepared.

give thanks for those around you!

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baby bananas

in maui, you better believe we ate more than our share of local fruit. the flavors were so vivid and concentrated. independent fruit stands are all around the rural parts of the islands.

while making our way around the island, the ever famous road to hana, led us through a lush rainforest like environment. the green factor was out of control. the forest was brimming with bright pink guavas, coconuts, and bananas.

as you can imagine, i was excited to get up close and personal with banana trees.

sick, right?!

did you know, there are MANY types of bananas out there. in hawaii, we ate some incredible apple-bananas. they were creamy and light, with a crisp gala apple like finish. the only exotic bananas we can get around here are, baby bananas. they are petite and have a lovely honey flavor.

this got me thinking about the baby bananas in your life.


i have a small collection of girls skirts that will be available in my etsy shop next week. i am open to custom orders for these as well.

~crispy fall huggles!~

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wedding day bliss

yep. we did it.

do you like my dress? it felt so good to rock one of my own creations on our special day.

hemp silk charmuse is a dream to sew !!

i used the same fabric custom dyed by, my pal and fellow crafter,  heather of magnolia skies for my bridesmaids’ dresses.

my sister, maid of honor, and my brother in law, best man.

my willow branch veil was made just for me, by my friend and fellow maker, julie from the peaceful peacock

follow this link to get your very own!

hopefully, our professional pictures will be ready SOON!

next up on the blog, pictures from our honeymoon in maui!


i’m planning for a BIG etsy post next week. stay tuned!

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